Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers are back 

Please give any of your Sainsburys Active Kids vouchers to our Scout Group. Hand-in your vouchers to Scout Leaders or put them in the drop box in the Scout hut foyer..Deadline - end of June. We have had difficulty collecting sufficient to make this a worthwhile venture in the past. This year we can send in the vouchers and have them added to the collection made next year. This will enable us to achieve success and gain reasonable equipment. Thank-you for your continued support. 

Lyn Butler (AGSL)

The Co-op Nationwide Community Fund Project

Please help support your local Scout Group

We are delighted to announce that Kath Ruddiforth, manageress of the Dore Co-op; Jamie Marshall, manager of Totley  Co-op; and all their staff, have recognised the community work done by 267th Dore Scout Group & have appointed it as one of their preferred local charities. 

This means that they will support the Group's ambition to purchase a defibrillator machine for use of the Scouts and the Village, and hopefully in addition, support funding for the running and maintenance of the Scout HQ in Dore. 

To make the most of this opportunity this is what we need from you:

PLEASE sign up for a Blue Co-op Membership card; either in one of the Co-op stores, or online at Once you have the blue Membership card you can go online OR call the Membership team on 0800 023 4708, select 267th Dore Scout group as your chosen Co-op Membership local charity. 

This is how we will all benefit:

Each time you use your blue Membership card 1% of your purchase will go to the Scout group...BUT only if you have registered 267th Dore Scout Group as your chosen charity.

For you:
Earn yourself 5% rewards!  Each time you scan your card.

Many thanks for your continued support.
Faye Catton-Norton Beaver Scout Leader