Dore Scout & Guide Gala

The  Scout & Guide Gala is on the 13th of  July  2019

The Dore Scout & Guide Gala is organised by a sub-committee of the Scout Group (Gala Committee) whose officers are:- Chairman Andy Donnelly - 07584641379, Secretary: Alex Deal, Treasurer: Mark Randall - 0114 2367716, Programme Advertising:  Holly Smart -  Other Committee members are:- Will Cosh,  Mike Galsworthy, David Needham, Matt Naylor, Beverley Bones, Linda Oldfield, and Rachael Prangell.  We need volunteers to join the Gala Committee to ensure the Gala continues.  If you would like to join us please contact the  Chairman (as above).


If you would like to help sponsor our 2019 Gala we would love to hear from you.  The package includes advertising in our Gala magazine, on the field (banner at the periphery of the activity area), and the opportunity to hand out promotional material during the afternoon (sorry no selling allowed - Council regulations).

Gala Magazine and Programme

Each year the Group produces a Scout & Guide Gala & Festival Magazine and Programme that gives an insight into the various activities of the Scout & Guide Movements in the Village during the past year. It also details the Dore Well Dressing and the events taking place in the Village during the Dore Festival  in the fortnight leading up to Gala.  This magazine is distributed free of charge to the 3,000 homes in Dore.  If you would like to advertise in this magazine please contact Holly Smart The deadline for the submission of advertisements for the 2019 programme is 30th April 2019.  

Help and support needed

It will soon be our Scouts and Guides Summer Gala. This annual event raises essential funds for our Scout Group and enables us to provide: vital equipment for our activity sessions and outings; Beaver, Cub and Scout Camps; and supports the maintenance and running costs of our Scout HQ where we meet each week. Gala funds have also enabled us to keep our Membership Subscription to £120

To continue to make the Gala happen each year, we need your help. This can be to help set-up the Gala arena and stalls, run a stall or support others in doing that, and/or help take-down and store the equipment at the end of the event. Please consider helping us over the Gala weekend. The more helpers who come forward will mean work can be shared, and the work-load reduced for the regular Scout volunteers and the Gala Committee members who are already working hard to ensure this years Gala goes ahead. 

Use this online form where you can show your support and offer your help.

If you have any questions regarding volunteering to help over the Gala weekend, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with:

Visit our public Gala Facebook page for more information





Example: Gala Programme 2015