GDPR Privacy Information Notice

1) Introduction

1.1    This information has been prepared for you due to the changes in the law regarding Personal Data and how organisations handle that data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new, European-wide regulation that replaces the Data Protection Act 1998 in the UK. It places greater obligations on how organizations handle personal data. It came into effect on 25 May 2018 and it has been confirmed that GDPR will still be in force after Brexit.

1.2    Data protection is a wide-ranging subject and is regulated by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) which produces a large amount of relevant guidance. If you have any queries or if in any doubt, members should check the guidance provided by the ICO on its website as this is the best and most direct source of relevant information on data protection.

1.3    The 267th Scout Executive Committee, (as data controllers), decide what personal data is required to carry out our local scouting, and determine how this data is used and protected. We have put together the information in this leaflet to make clear how GDPR effects our Scout Group and our members. 

2) What information does the GDPR apply to ?

2.1    The GDPR applies to personal data, which means any information relating to an identifiable person (data subject) who can be directly or indirectly identified. This information includes name, address, telephone number/s, email, and date of birth.

2.2    This becomes sensitive personal data when the information given includes data, such as special needs, religion, ethnicity or health.

3) Who is responsible for data given to our Group ?  

3.1    Parents/ legal guardians or carers are responsible for the data of our young members under the age of 13. From the age of 13 young people can be responsible for their own personal data. In our Scout Group data is accepted from parents/legal guardians and/or carers of our members and their signature/s are requested for all members up to the age of 18 years.

4) What data do we as a Scout Group collect ?

4.1    Waiting list data

This personal data is given to us by parents/legal guardians or carers to achieve a place on our waiting list. The data collected is: the name of the young person, their date of birth, gender, and address; their parent/s name, address, telephone number/s and email address/es.

4.2    Joining our Scout Group - data requests  

  •  This personal data is given to us by parents/legal guardians or carers of young people when they join our Scout Group: name of young person, their date of birth, gender, and address; their parent/s name, address, telephone number/s and email address/es.
  • Additional sensitive personal data is given on health and development issues and concerns, religion, ethnicity, and any special needs

4.3    Gift Aid acceptance: child/young person’s name, Section name, parent’s name, address, date, and signed agreement.

4.4    Emergency contact data: name of young member, date of birth, address, NHS number, GP name, address and contact telephone numbers. Name, address of next of kin or chosen person/s (relationship to the young person given), and emergency telephone numbers.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian/carer who gives us this emergency contact data to gain their consent for us to hold their data. We will ask that this is the case at the time this information is given to us.

4.5    Accident Record book

  • This will show date, Section title and the Leader in charge when an accident happened. The name of the child/young person injured, the accident and injury incurred along with the action taken.
  • This information will be used to complete an Insurance Cover Form if the child or young person was taken to hospital. This information is sent to the Scout insurers (Unity Insurance) and is kept by us and them for 3 years.

4.6    Agreement to take part in a programme of activities provided by each Scout Section and/or to join any Nights Away or Scout Camp events.

4.7    Registers taken by Leaders (these may be paper based or on Online Scout Manager (OSM).

Data to show:

  • Attendance to weekly meetings, to parade services, and when on outings.
  • Progress of individual young members: as they work towards badges and awards, or
  • As evidence towards their Sheffield Children’s University Passport to Learning. This register includes their date of birth, school attended, activity sessions they have attended and credits achieved.

4.8    Personal data we hold about all of our adult volunteers

        Volunteers: Occasional parental helpers, Skills Assistants, Section Assistants, Assistant Section Leaders, and Section Leaders.  

  • The data collected includes: Name, Scout membership number, role undertaken within the Scout Group, date of birth; address; telephone number/s and email address;
  • DBS clearance, all training modules completed (with start and expiry dates of these) and awards achieved.
  • Additional sensitive personal data is given on health issues and concerns, religion, ethnicity, any special needs and on the DBS disclosure form.

4.9    Personal data we hold about former adult members includes: name, address, telephone numbers and email contacts.

4.10 Personal data we hold about our Young volunteers or Young Leaders**

       These young people may be working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Award, Queen’s Scout Award or are Scout Young Leaders**

  • Their personal data we collect includes: name, date of birth, address, telephone numbers and email address.
  • Additional sensitive personal data is given on health, religion, ethnicity, and any special needs

**These young people may or may not already be members of our Scouts or an Explorer Unit.

  • Personal data we hold relating to their parents, legal guardian or carer of the young volunteer or Young Leader includes: name, address, telephone numbers, email address and signed consent to their child joining us as a volunteer.

5) Why do we collect this information and how is it processed ?

5.1    We collect the listed information so that we can carry out our obligations as Scout Leaders and Executive Members. We use the information to enable us to communicate with all our members, parents, legal guardians and/or carers. The data may be needed for support of members and for our safeguarding responsibilities.  We need both personal and sensitive data to enable us to give appropriate support and care as needed to all members whilst under our supervision whether with us at out HQ, on outings, attending events or on nights away and Camps

5.2    We process your data for the following purposes:

  • To enable us to provide a voluntary service for the benefit of the public as specified in our Scout Association Policy, Organization and Rules (POR) documents.
  • To manage our waiting lists and membership records; to manage and support our volunteers and Young Leaders.
  • To support and assist in the organisation and support of our young people attending our weekly meetings, to support our parades, fund raising events and Group activities.
  • To keep you informed on all aspects of the scouting activities, experiences and events we plan and that our members take part in;
  • To maintain and support our accounting practices and financial planning.
  • To process Gift Aid applicationsTo keep our Dore Scouts web site up to date and appropriate to our needs and to offer information to our wider supporters.

5.3    We process the Scout Group volunteer’s data for the following reasons:

  • To ensure all our members are up-to-date with training and necessary safeguarding requirements. Our Scout organization database ( Compass ) is available to our members to check their own information. It is updated by the District Trainers and Secretary.
  • The Group Scout Leader and Assistant Group Scout Leader can access all the Group information and so support our volunteers effectively.

6) How do we gather information ?

We use various ways of gathering data.

  • Telephone, text (SMS), and email communication
  • Appropriate Forms
  • Contact from our own web site and District Websites
  • Use of Online Scout Manager (OSM)
  • General information related to Section programmes and organization:

         Use of Apps – Whats App

         Online Scout Manager

         Through Facebook pages operated by some of our Sections.

Where information is given or requested from parents whether by telephone, mobile, email, Apps or OSM then the preffered method of contact will be used as stated on the membership forms given out and received back to us when your child/young person joins us. Please check with your child's/young person's Section Leader regarding the methods of comminication they will use to contact you and receive information, and confirm your agreement to their use.

With regard to information being sent to young people under 18 years of age:

  • The parent/legal guardian or carer can nominate the method/s of contact.  They will be responsible for passing the information on to the child/young person or
  • Both parent and child will receive the information at the same time by the chosen method of contact.

We will never use telephone, texts (SMS), email, Whats App or a social media site to contact children or young people within our Scout Group directly.

7) Who has access to your data and who do we share it with ?

7.1    Only those individuals who need the information to carry out their Scout Group role have access to that information.

7.2    We may share membership data with other Scout Groups when a situation arises that necessitates the need:

  •  A Scout leader stands-in when one of our leaders is ill and takes the session.
  • When a young person or Member leaves one of our Scout Sections and joins another.
  • In the case of a medical emergency we may share personal data with a third party to protect the vital interests of the data subject.
  • When involved in Nights Away events.  Evacuation forms have to be shared with organizers. This includes names of Scout members attending the event, their next of kin, address and contact telephone numbers.

7.3    For those children/young people who are working towards credits on their Sheffield Children’s University Passports to Learning; their register entries showing: name, date of birth, school attended, attendance and credits gained, are shared with the Sheffield Children’s University Team.

7.4    We do not share this data with other third parties apart from those mentioned in 7.2 and 7.3

7.5    The Gift Aid declaration will be shared with our Treasurer and HMRC to process the Gift Aid donation

7.6    We do not keep financial data such as credit card details.

8) Where will the data be stored ?

8.1    At Dore Scouts we take data security very seriously.

  • Membership data is stored on the Scout Group Membership Secretary’s password protected laptop. Their laptop does not leave the member’s home. Membership lists for each Section are sent to the Leader of the Section the young people will attend and/or are printed off for the individual Leaders ready for the start of each term or when young people move Sections. They are not shared other than by other Leaders who work with each Section or when a young person moves up through the Sections.
  • Subscription personal data is kept on password protected laptops. Bank statements showing named payments are seen by the Scout Group Treasurer and Data Controller only. This is necessary to monitor payments made.
  • Paper records kept by Leaders covering registration, and badge work are kept in secure personal hand luggage or in secure places within their homes.
  • Online Scout Manager is password protected and the Leaders using this system for registration, badge and programme information are only privy to their Group. Parents can access their own child’s information by use of a password. They are unable to view other children’s information.
  • Adult Scout members’ data is stored on the Scout organization database (Compass). This is password protected. Each Scout Group member can access their own personal information. Those that have full access are: our Group Scout Leader, Assistant Group Scout Leader, the Scout District officers and trainers.
  • Sheffield Children’s University Passport information is stored on the Sheffield University Team database. Team password protected.  Information is sent: online to their office with an encrypted password or by secure SCC Cprporate Mail used via libraries.

9) How long do we keep your data ?

9.1    When people contact us with a query by email we keep the email until the query has been resolved. It is then deleted.

9.2    Information about young people and their parents/legal guardian or carer listed on our Scout membership waiting lists, remains on the waiting list until a place has been given or declined. If a place is offered, the information is then transferred to the Section Leader’s register.

9.3    While-ever a person is a member of our Scout Group we will keep their data.

9.4    Parents/legal guardians or carers: we will keep your data until your child/young person leaves our Scout Group. Those people that elected to give us their Gift Aid donation will have their records kept securely by our treasurer/ accountant for 7 years after the calendar year to which they relate for accounting purposes.

9.5    Emergency contact named people on individual forms will remain active until we are told they have been replaced or the child/young person named on the form leaves our Scout Group.

9.6    People who support and help at our traditional events will continue to be on our supporters list until they inform us that they no longer wish to help, or are Leaders and leave our Scout Group.

10) Your rights with regard to your data

Unless subject to an exemption under GDPR you have the following rights with respect to your data:

10.1 The right to request a copy of your data which the 267th Scout Group holds about you and /or your child/young person.

10.2 The right to request the 267th Scout Group to correct any inaccurate or out of date data they have on you.

10.3 The right to have your data removed/erased where it is no-longer necessary for the 267th Scout group to keep the information.

10.4 The right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your data at any time.

10.5 The right where there is a dispute about the accuracy of your data or processing of your data to request that a restriction is placed on further processing.

10.6 The right to lodge a complaint with the Commissioner’s Office.

11) Further Processing

If we change our system of processing your information, or use your data for a different purpose as set out in this Privacy Notice, then we will provide you with a new Notice explaining the new use and processing condition/s prior to the commencement of that change.


12) Photographs, videos, audio playback and social media  

12.1 Taking photographs and videos during Scouting sessions or events has become common practice as mobile phones now give excellent results. At 267th Scouts we encourage the promotion of positive images of our young people involved in learning new skills, and taking part in adventurous and fun activities. It is, however, important that we follow the agreed wishes of parents/ legal guardians and carers. We therefore have to manage this area carefully.

12.2 When a new member joins the Scout Group their parents, legal guardian or carer will be asked to give their permission for:

  • Photographs, and videos to be used to record events and activities in the Scout sessions in the Scout HQ, and on external activities
  • They will also be asked to agree to these being used:

As part of displays at the Scout HQ;

In publicity materials for the Scout Group: posters, Gala materials, on our web site, in Dore to Door magazine, Dore village Society calendars, and as part of local newspaper articles; and

To capture award ceremonies; and on adventure outings. 

12.3  Further permissions will be requested on Permission to Camp Forms and Nights Away and Sleep-over Forms for:

Photographs and videos being used to record Scout Camps and Nights Away experiences and activities. This agreement will include the use as in 12.2 plus sharing photos and videos of their experiences with other parents where their child/young person has taken part in the Camp or Nights Away event.

12.4 Social media has become a very popular medium for sharing photos and videos. Our Facebook pages are very well used and have a large following. By joining our Facebook sites, you are agreeing to share the information included. If you have any concerns that your data – in this case - photographs or videos are being used without your permission it is your responsibility to contact the person adding the data, to remove yourself from the friends list on the site, and let our Data Controller know your concerns.

12.5 The Scout Leaders and their team will be aware from the information you gave on the Membership Form completed when first joining their Section if you do not want your child/young person included on any photo, video or promotional material. They will make sure your request is followed whilst your child/young person is in the Scout HQ. Your child/young person will be excluded from pictures, videos etc.

12.6 Where agreement has been given and pictures taken are to be used in promotional articles, the child/young person’s name will only be used after permission from you has been given. Photos we supply will show the children in appropriate situations and suitably dressed.

12.7 In situations and events where parents and the local press are attending, it is almost impossible to stop photographs and videos from being taken. In this type of situation, it will be left to individual parents to remove their child/young person from the Group being photographed. If photographs and/or videos have been taken by others i.e. a newspaper or magazine photographer, where you have expressly asked the photographer to exclude your child, then you will need to make formal complaint to the individual/newspaper or magazine directly.

12.8 We will follow the Scout Association policy ‘Young People First.’


13) Contact details:

To check on all relevant information, answer any queries and exercise your rights here are points of contact:


267th Data  Controllers:

267th Dore Scouts Executive Committee

Chairman – 

Group Scout Leader – Lyn Butler

Group Secretary – Alex Deal

Treasurer – Mark Randall

Membership Secretary – Reyna Goodman


267th Data Processors:

Group Scout Leader – Lyn Butler

Section Leaders of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts

Membership Secretary: Rayna Goodman


Information Commissioner’s  Office (ICO)

Tel:  03031231113 or visit for more details

(Data protection is a wide-ranging subject and is regulated by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) which produces a large amount of relevant guidance. If you have any queries or if in any doubt, members should check the guidance provided by the ICO on its website as this is the best and most direct source of relevant information on data protection.)

Contact details are available on the Home Page of this website or talk to your child/young person’s Section Leader.


Reference: Privacy Information Notice LB/V1  May 2018