Membership Enquiries

Applications to Join the Group

Parents who wish their son or daughter to join the Scout Group should contact the Membership Secretary, Andrew Bush,  email: to establish whether there is a vacancy or to place a name on our waiting list.  Please note that existing members of other Scout Groups who move into our catchment area take priority over others on our waiting list (Scout Association rules).  

Annual Subscription

This is currently set at £50 per term per young person  

(We follow the dates and holidays of the local school terms - 3 terms -  starting  in September & finishing in July)

The annual subscription includes a capitation fee that we pay on parents' behalf directly to the Scout Association. This year it is £49.50 per child and includes: national membership, training and insurance purposes. 

The subscription for the third and subsequent child from the same family who are all members of the Group is only £49.50 per annum. 

It would be appreciated if parents who are tax payers would also complete a Gift Aid Declaration so that the Group can reclaim the tax.

Members whose subsciption is outstanding at the end of each term will not be insured and will be asked to leave the Group.

There is no refund for members who leave the Group during a term.